Seminar on Combating Gender-Based and Sexual Violence (VSS)

We are delighted to have successfully organized our training seminar on combating gender-based and sexual violence (VSS) in higher education and research (ESR) following a call for projects from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It was a rich moment of exchange and learning, thanks to the participation of representatives from various universities’ doctoral students. A great program and top-notch coordination were masterfully put in place by Antoine Pasquier, former President of AJC 06.

🔹 A huge thank you to the CLASCHES association for their detailed and committed training, which equipped us with essential tools to recognize and combat VSS in our institutions.

🔹 Thanks also to Adèle B. Combes for presenting her book “Comment l’universitĂ© broie les jeunes chercheurs. PrĂ©caritĂ©, harcèlement, loi du silence,” Mathilde Maillard, PhD, for presenting the Discord “bien dans ma thèse,” and Antoine Pasquier, PhD, for his intervention and especially for organizing the weekend! Thank you, Antoine, for your unwavering commitment to AJC 06 🙌

🔹 The team-building activities strengthened our bonds and created a strong and supportive group cohesion, thanks to my Explore Bag. This weekend proved that unity is strength and that we can, together, make a difference. Special mention to the “moon” team for their victory 🌕

đź‘Ź Thank you to the participants for your enthusiasm and involvement. You are proof that the new generation of researchers is ready to face challenges with courage and solidarity.

Together, we are taking one more step towards a safer and more inclusive university environment.





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